Foundation for Russian Orphans Picture Progress Gallery

Before and after pictures!

See the progress that's been made, thanks to the generous support of people like you!

Before: Jan 1999 - The children's beds were so worn there were huge holes in them.

After: Jan 1999 - Tom with new mattresses and comforters purchased for the children's beds.

Before: Jan 1999 - This rundown building housed the "sauna" where the children showered.

After: Sep 2000 - Can you believe this is the same building?

Before: Jan 1999 - A broken and unsafe floor near the refrigerator.

After: Sep 2000 - A new tiled floor!

Before: Jan 1999 - A dingy room...

After: Sep 2000 - ...transformed into a bright shower facility!

Before: Jan 1999 - These were the toilets in the orphanage.

After: Sep 2000 - Now there are bright shiny new facilities for the children and more privacy!

Before: Jan 1999 - This was the sink near the toilets.

After: Sep 2000 - Tom washes up at the beautiful new sink!

Before: Jan 1999 - This building houses the kitchen.

After: Sep 2000 - see the difference?!?

Before: Jan 1999 - Tiles had broken and fallen out and the kitchen walls were cracked.

After: Sep 2000 - Wall and tile repairs make a world of difference!

Before: Jan 1999 - Meager offerings and bleak conditions.

After: Jan 1999 - Big smiles for fresh fruit and full bellies!

Work in Progress: Sep 2000 - The school gets a new ceiling, new lights, new windows and a fresh coat of paint.

NEW! Sep 2000 - A formerly empty and cold room has been transformed into a warm and cozy TV and recreation room. Everything you see is brand new!

The Kids and Staff Enjoy These New ... And Simple Pleasures

Sep 2000 - The boys model some new clothes!

Sep 2000 - New bikes! So children can be children...

Sep 2000 - New jackets for all!

Sep 2000 - A new washing machine makes everyone happy and lightens the load!

A delightful, handmade crane mobile
sent over from the 6th graders at
Overlake School in Bellevue, WA
adds color and cheerfulness to the orphanage.

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