October 18th, 1999     Here We Go

It is Sunday and as we prepare for our second trip to the orphanage we pick up the Seattle Times to see our little Alexi on the front page along with the story of our first trip. The phone has been ringing nonstop all morning. One of the calls was from NBC Nightly News in New York, they are on their way to do a two- part story. The first showing us getting ready to go and then an update while we are at the orphanage. Wow! Iím glad that we are sort of packed.

This trip we plan to bring in lots of food before winter and to find out what else they need. They know we are coming so we are sure that they will have a plan. We are bringing more vitamins, toothbrushes, toothpaste, 60 lbs. of Legos, necklaces, Beanie Babies and of course, more Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

So - we spent a whirlwind week getting ready while trying to remember not to look directly at the camera and to turn off my microphone before using the bathroom! This is my first trip. Our son will stay home while Aunt Cyndy watches over him. We are taking 53 pen pal letters gathered from children at West Seattle Christian School and Decatur Elementary in Wedgewood. The letters are complete with interpretations and pictures.


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